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Send + for something my character likes about yours. And/or - for something my character hates about yours.

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Send “I would still die for you.” for my character’s reaction.

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Random Prompts

Drive: If your character could go anywhere within driving distance right now, where would they go? What would they do?
Burn: What was the last hurtful thing someone said to your character? How did it affect them? Does it still hurt?
Napkin: How are your character's manners? Do they take after who raised them?
Couch: How often does your character have "lazy days" where they don't get anything accomplished? Do they feel better or worse afterwards?
Jackhammer: What's a noise your character can't stand? How often do they come into contact with it?
Tractor: Does your character prefer the city or the country? Where were they raised?
Runaway: If your character were to leave their current home, would it be more to pursue a goal or get away from something negative?
Hermit: If they had it their way, how long would your character like to spend alone?
Rollercoaster: Does your character like going to fairs or amusement parks? Would they rather ride the rides or sit and watch?
Hidden: What is something nobody knows about your character? Is it a habit, thought, ritual, belief?
Mystery: What is the thing your character thinks about the most?
Gothic: What clique did your character belong to in school? Did they get along well with the others?
Storm: Is your character frightened by thunderstorms? Do they like the rain? What made them that way?
Request: If your character could have one physical thing at this moment, what would they want?
Obligation: Does your character feel indebted to anyone? Whom and why?
Handprint: What is one non-physical characteristic about your character that is unique?
Officer: How does your character feel about authority figures? How do they treat them? Does how they feel about them and how they actually treat them differ?
Consequences: What is your character's latest regret? How did it change the course of their life?
Senses: If your character had to choose to live without one of the five senses for the rest of their life, what would they choose and why?
Proof: What is an absurd situation your character has gotten into that others didn't believe?
Faith: Does your character believe there is an afterlife? What do they believe happens after death?
Sarcasm: Does your character put people down or belittle them? Are they ever put down or belittled?
Court: Has your character ever been in trouble with the law?
Charm: Is there a certain object your character always carries with them?
Tattoo: How does your character feel about piercings and tattoos? Do they have or want any? Do they judge others that have them?
Chopsticks: Does your character have any special talents or skills? How useful are they?
Porn: What are your character's sexual turn-ons and turn-offs?
Time: Is your character typically early or late? Do they value their time or find it slipping away easily?
Ricochet: What's the last thing your character did that had a major impact on someone else? Was it positive or negative? How does your character feel about it?
Favor: Does your character have a problem asking for help? If so, is it because they are stubborn or just shy?
Adversary: Who is your character's arch rival? If not a specific person, an idea, belief, or entity?
Dirt: What's currently on your character's conscience? Why can't they shake it off? What can they do to resolve it?
Suspense: What does your character often worry about?
Cobra: Is your character known to start fights? Are they known to break them up or avoid them altogether?
Coconut: What would be your character's perfect vacation destination? What does that say about them?
Fire: What is your character's most irritating pet peeve? Why does it irk them so much?
Line: What is something your character is stubborn about? Why won't they budge on their position or belief?
Homeless: How does your character treat homeless people? Do they ignore them, hate them, give them money?
Glass: How accurately does your character see themselves?
Leaves: What is your character's favourite season? Why do they prefer it over the others?
Capsule: In what order does your character value the following: knowledge, family, friends, career, money?
Skin: What scars does your character have? Are they visible?
News: Does your character watch, read, or keep up with the news? What are their favourite types of stories?
Myth: Does your character have any beliefs that are simply not correct or acceptable?
Field: Does your character like the outdoors? What do they like or not like about it?
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More art stuff. Coloring in vduskwing's commission! <3

4 days ago

aheon inquired:

To which I answered:


Morning had come too early, leaving the scent of spring permeating the air around them while they stirred. The decorated space was bright in the early sun, the open window allowing the rays to bounce off the expensive marble walls and floors, making the gold etching into the walls sparkle and the usually dark red fabrics seem almost pink.

She twisted beneath him, letting out a soft noise while his arm tightened around her waist, hand gripping her side while she was pulled to him. Rolling, the woman sighed and relaxed into the Magister’s embrace.

They both allowed a few moments of silence to take them, trying to enjoy the company though it would not last after they left the comfort of her bed. Still, his raven hair was spread about them in a dark curtain, contrasting her own short brown that was dull in comparison. There was a reason she’d chosen him so specifically… but maybe it wasn’t looks.

Adjusting, she finally pulled away from him, turning to look at his already focused eyes that met her face in the same motion. Both watched briefly before she broke the moment.


Aheon closed his eyes slowly, nodding against the satin of the pillow that was cool against his face. “Deal.”

Origa slipped from her bedding, moving to lift her previously discarded dress and pulling it over her form with her back to him. It seemed to intimate to face him after what they’d just experienced with one another. “Then I look forward to future business with you. Please have a lovely day.”

The man laughed quietly, rolling onto his back and moving a hand to scratch across his discolored skin stretched over his chest. “You’re cute.”

"I beg your pardon, Magister Duskfrost?" Origa turned, arching a delicate brow while she pulled her heels on.

"When you sleep…" He yawned, bringing his arm over his mouth before turning to look at her once more. "You’re not business at all."

"That is not something I can control." The woman nodded, turning to open the door of her room into the rather quiet hallway. Only the sound of maids and other patrons of the brothel were making their ways out. "Good day, Magister Duskfrost. I hope to see you again, soon."

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mistahreanai inquired:

❤ avec MISTAH... Reanai

To which I answered:

mistahreanai, gaytheil, praxzin

Her bed was warm, the two bodies on either side curled around her while she’d slept through the night. It had been her gift to her husband, sharing the night with two beauties that would give him all the attention he deserved. Then that other body moved around her legs.

Shanarah’s eyes fluttered open, meeting the lovely face of Gaytheil who’d been invited over the night. The priestess had wrapped her arm beneath Shanarah’s head, fingers curled behind Praxzin and trapped in his long hair. Spooning against her back, Praxzin had fallen asleep spent and happy from the drunken night.

So who was that other person moving?

Then it dawned on her. Head raising, she lifted up to peer down at the sleeping rogue who was sprawled across the bed, shirtless with his pants halfway down his thighs and a sheet slung over his waist. The woman blushed, looking at the two sleeping bodies before she stretched her leg to push at the man.

"… Reanai… Reanai, what are you doing?"

He let out a groan, turning and wrapping his arms around her ankle. “You… you snore, Shananana….” Yawning, the rogue lifted his head to grin at her lazily. “You guys sure don’t hold your drinks, you know.”

"They couldn’t…" Gaytheil giggled, drawing the two’s attention while she lifted up, letting the sheets slink around her waist while her bare torso was exposed. Neither hid their examining gaze while she lifted herself off the bed. "Did you forget, Shanarah? You and Praxzin were so giddy about drinking that he allowed Reanai to come, too… as long as he didn’t get ‘into’ you." She laughed.

Praxzin rolled over, pulling the sheets with him which Shanarah gripped to her chest before letting them relax between her hands. “… I see. So… breakfast?”

"I got it." Reanai turned, landing on his feet and standing to bounce and pull his trousers back into place. "You have eggs and bacon right? Come Derp! To the kitchen."

While the man ‘valiantly’ stepped into the kitchen, Shanarah felt Gaytheil sit behind her, the woman’s chest to her back and arms around her shoulders. “He’s fun. More fun that your husband was.”

"Praxzin’s a wonderful lover-"

"Oh my sweet." The priestess turned to kiss just below Shanarah’s ear. "He has much to learn. I will teach him later." Gaytheil giggled, lifting out of the bed to sweep up her robe before following out of the door.

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